American Education Journalist Gregg Toppo Talks about the Importance of the Media to Education

American Education Journalist Greg ToppoRio de Janeiro, August 16, 2018 – American education journalist Greg Toppo visited Rio August 8-9 in a series of events organized by the U.S. Consulate in Rio.  Toppo was a national education and demographics reporter at USA Today for 15 years.  Today, he is a senior editor at Inside Higher Ed, a communications company and online publisher of content related to higher education.

While in Rio, Toppo met with representatives of the public education sector, including adminstrators and teachers, and visited a municipal school in the Tijuca neighborhood, when he had an opportunity to learn about the Brazilian education system, policies, and problems.

Journalism students and professors attended Toppo’s lecture at the Communication School of UFRJ, in which he spoke about the challenges the media faces to maintain society’s trust, the creation of new ways to discuss education, and the importance of the media to education.  The lecture was moderated by Cristiano Reckziegel, Content and Journalism Coordinator of Canal Futura TV, with the participation of Fernando Ewerton, Coordinator of the UFRJ Journalism Department.  Finally, Toppo participated in a roundtable with education journalists from Rio to discuss ways of creating new narratives that are both educational and inspirational, and how to educate audiences to critically information from the media.

While in Brazil, Toppo also was a speaker at the 2nd International Congress of Education Journalism, promoted by the Education Journalists Association (Jeduca) in São Paulo.