American Opera Singer Participates in Musical Project in Recife

As part of the celebration of the 200 Year Anniversary of the U.S. Consulate General in Recife, American Opera singer Frieda Gebert visited the city of Recife to provide two and a half weeks of training and master classes for 25 singers from seven states of Brazil. The classes were part of the forth edition of the “Opera Studio of Recife,” which is co-sponsored by the Pernambuco State Government and the State Music Conservatory.

The Opera Studio trains pianists and opera singers and is unique in the Northeast of Brazil.  In addition to Ms. Gebert, Ottaviano Tenerani (Italy), Marcelo Ferreira and Vitor Philomeno (Brazil) taught the course. On July 30, the group held a recital at Recife’s historic Santa Isabel theater. Before the performance, U.S. Consul General Richard Reiter congratulated Frieda Gebert and all staff of Recife’s Opera Studio.