Celebrating 200 years of diplomatic relations: Brazilian retailers experience the Future of Retail at NRF 2024 Expo

Brasília, January 19, 2024: From January 14–16, more than 600 Brazilian entrepreneurs and business leaders took part in the National Retail Federation Expo 2024 (NRF2024) in New York with the support the U.S. Department of Commerce’s, U.S. Commercial Service in Brazil. With more than 1,000 exhibitors, NRF2024 is the largest marketplace for the retail industry in the world that showcases firsthand what’s next in retail.

“Brazilian participation in the NRF 2024 Expo is not about importing U.S. retail products to put on shelves, it’s about bringing the latest in logistics, customer experience strategies, payment and cybersecurity solutions, and store design methodology to Brazil to better serve Brazilian consumers,” said Michael Marangell, Commercial Consul for Retail & E-Commerce at the U.S. Consulate General in São Paulo. “Visiting New York and NRF2024 provides Brazilian retailers the opportunity not only develop fresh ideas, but also to connect with U.S. companies looking to partner to pursue opportunities together.”

This year’s delegation to NRF2024 was recruited by four partners: Gouvêa Ecosystem, Varejo180, Startse, and VTEX. NRF2024 marks the 35th year that Gouvêa Ecosystem has brought Brazilian executives to attend the show. Fabio Neto, StartSe’s Chief Strategy Officer believe that in addition to simply being a strong place to make connections, “to be at the largest retail technology event in the world is fundamental to capturing the signs of transformation, for better decision making in Brazil.” In addition to simply attending the show, the U.S. Department of Commerce team organized a series of technical visits in New York and New Jersey.

For more information about the delegations, contact:

  • Gouvêa Ecosystem: Ana Paula Rocha (anapaula.rocha@gsmd.com.br)
  • StartSe: Fabio Neto (fabio.neto@startse.com)
  • Varejo180: Ronald Nossig (ronald@varejo180.com) and Julio Takano (julio.takano@kt.com.br)
  • VTEX: Mariela Nazar (mariela.yanez@vtex.com)