Consul General Zuniga participates in official opening ceremony of the Sports Stars program

Shooting Stars program launching at SESC, Sao Paulo

On August 5, at Sesc Itaquera, Consul  General Ricardo Zuniga participated in an official opening ceremony of the Stars of Sport program, which marked the beginning of the fifth edition of the Stars of Basketball, the fourth edition of the Football Stars and the second edition of the Stars of the Baseball. The programs are a partnership of the US Consulate in São Paulo with SESC São Paulo, and are supported by the binational centers Alumni Association and CCBEU Santos.

“By combining sports, English and leadership, we contribute to the formation of young leaders, who will certainly lead positive changes in their communities,” Zuniga highlighted in his opening remarks.

man delivering speech
Consul General Ricardo Zuniga

The ceremony was attended by selected youth and their families, former program participants and partners, Major League Baseball representatives and binational centers.  Brazilian athletes Raulzinho (basketball), Fabiana Simões (soccer) and Jean Tomé (baseball) and rapper and social activist MV Bill, who made a pocket show, also participated of the event.

These programs are part of the US government’s “Sports for All” initiative, which aims to generate social inclusion, encourage teamwork, and develop a sense of leadership through sport. Recently, the young Ana Paula and Thayla, who have already participated in the program, were accepted in universities of the United States with scholarship.