Education & Culture

The U.S. Mission in Brazil’s engagement in education and culture serves two purposes: To support U.S. policy goals and to encourage people-to-people relationships between Americans and Brazilians.  Toward these ends, the U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Brazil promote various exchanges, resources, and events.

Take a look at our local programs supporting educational and cultural initiatives in Brazil in addition to exchanges bringing Brazilians and Americans to each other’s countries.

Check out our American Spaces, which provide resource-rich environments in which Brazilians around the nation can immerse themselves.

And don’t miss Study in the U.S.A., which includes resources on exchange programs, EducationUSA support for admission to U.S. universities, and numerous networking opportunities for alumni of all our programs.

If you have any questions about the U.S. Mission in Brazil’s educational and cultural programs, please email