The U.S. Mission in Brazil strongly believes that the key to supporting culture-exchange and internationalization lies in maintaining and developing its relationships with its programs’ alumni. The United States-Brazil Exchange Alumni and International Exchange Alumni associations represent the U.S. Mission in Brazil’s networking organizations for ex-participants. Check them out below to see the resources they provide for alumni to connect with each other, share opportunities, and continue idea-generation!

The United States-Brazil Exchange Alumni (USBEA) association maintains and develops the U.S. Mission in Brazil’s exchange-participants’ relationships with each other and the U.S. While applicable for all U.S. Department of State- and Mission in Brazil-supported programs, USBEA exists as a non-governmental organization specifically dedicated to Brazilian alumni. Among innumerable resources, USBEAlumni Day represents the association’s pinnacle, annual event for exchange-alumni to network in-person and develop ideas for innovative projects.

If you participated in any U.S. Department of State- or Mission in Brazil-supported program, join the USBEA group on Facebook: The central hub for you to network with fellow alumni, find nation-wide opportunities, and gain access to regional alumni-chapters and -groups on WhatsApp.

Please direct all additional inquiries regarding USBEA to:

Phone: +55 (61) 98110-2200
WhatsApp: +55 (61) 98110-2200

International Exchange Alumni (IEA) serves as the U.S. Department of State’s official association for all participants of its programs and initiatives. The networking resource boasts innumerable opportunities, such as grants, research tools, a job center, and more. The programs covered by IEA and supported by the U.S. Mission in Brazil include:

  • “E-Teacher” Scholarship Program
  • American Council of Young Political Leaders
  • American Film Showcases
  • American Music Abroad
  • Community College Initiative
  • English Access Microscholarship Program
  • Fulbright Commission Scholarships
  • Global Sports Mentoring Program
  • International Visitors Leadership Program – IVLP
  • National Youth Science Camp – NYSCamp
  • OneBeat Musical Exchange
  • Sports Visitors Program
  • Study of the U.S. Institutes – SUSI
  • Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative – YLAI
  • Youth Ambassadors – YA

If you participated in any of these programs, please email with your name, email, and program name and year of participation to create your account and join IEA!