American Spaces

American Spaces are inviting, open-access learning and gathering places around the world that promote interaction among local communities and the United States in support of U.S. foreign policy. American Spaces are U.S. State Department supported public diplomacy facilities. American Spaces provide public diplomacy programming designed to attract and engage targeted foreign audiences in open, participatory dialogue and hands-on activities.

They are designed, configured, and equipped to promote critical thinking, innovation, and thoughtful discussions of issues important to the U.S. relationship with the host country and U.S. global interests. American Spaces programming showcases the breadth and depth of American values, ideals, culture, and perspectives on a variety of themes.

American Spaces Programs

American Spaces programming focuses on six core programs: English language learning and teacher training; Educational advising and promoting study in the United States; Alumni networking, projects, and activities; Cultural and outreach programs; Information about the United States, and Skills building. Programs at American Spaces are free and open to the public, equipping the U.S. government with effective and attractive platforms for person-to-person foreign interaction on topics including media literacy, economic development and American culture, society and values.

Direct public engagement in American Spaces provides the U.S. government with opportunities to share best practices in combating mis-and disinformation and advancing policy goals, positively impacting the way the United States is understood and viewed around the world.

Check below the main programs offered by the American Spaces in Brazil:

  • Programs on entrepreneurship, human rights, environment, media literacy and combating mis- and disinformation
  • Maker and STEAM (science, technology, engineer, arts, and mathematics) programs
  • Workshops
  • Lectures with north American and Brazilian specialists
  • Cultural programs such as exhibitions, musical concerts, film sessions, English reading and conversation clubs

American Spaces Network in Brazil

The American Spaces in Brazil are divided into Binational Centers and American Corners.

The American Spaces Network in Brazil consists of more than thirty Binational Centers and four American Corners, including one Science Corner.