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2015 Youth Ambassadors (Photo: US Embassy Brasilia)

Created in 2002, this program targets Brazilian students who are examples in their communities – in terms of proven leadership, positive attitude, proven social consciousness, academic excellence, and English language ability. The Program’s main goal is to value and promote the strengthening of public education through these students, transforming them in models to their colleagues and communities.

The selection process is very competitive, with applications coming from all over Brazil. The selected students travel to the United States for a three-week program in January. During the first week, they visit the U.S. capital and its main landmarks, take part in meetings with institutions of both private and public sector, visit schools and social projects and take courses in youth protagonism and entrepreneurship.

After that first week in Washington, D.C., they are divided into smaller groups that go to different States in the U.S., where they stay with host families, attend classes in local high schools and interact with Americans of their same age, take part in cultural and social responsibility activities in the community and deliver presentations about Brazil.

The experience of being a Youth Ambassador gives these outstanding students the opportunity to expand their horizons at the same time as they help us strengthen the ties of friendship, respect and collaboration between Brazil and the United States.

Learn more about the Youth Ambassadors Program.

Responding positively to the need to the increasing number of applicants for the Youth Ambassadors Program and the limited number of slots available for the exchange in the U.S., the U.S. Embassy in Brazil, in partnership with U.S.-Brazil Binational Centers, created the “English Immersion USA” program in 2006. This week-long program offers over 100 runners-up of the Youth Ambassadors selection process a full immersion experience in English language and U.S. culture.

The EIP covers the following themes:

  • U.S. history
  • U.S. geography
  • English language learning
  • U.S. culture and society
  • Conversation classes
  • Cooking sessions
  • Sports in the U.S.
  • Social activities (4th of July celebration, costume party, karaoke in English, etc.)

Every year the program focusses on a different aspect of U.S. culture and requires that, at the end of the program, participants give a brief presentation on their topic. Program themes have already included “Regions of the U.S.”, “Route 66”, “Music through the Decades”, “Sports in America”, and “The American Dream: the Cultural Influences of Immigration in the U.S.”. This final project provides participants with a learning journey about the U.S., at the same time as it helps them develop their teamwork, leadership, and public speaking skills.

To the extent possible, we always try to include the participation of U.S. diplomats, English Teaching Fellows and/or English Teaching Assistants in the program, so as to provide more authenticity to the activities.

The EIP takes place every July, either with the entire group at one single location, or in smaller groups at three to five different locations.  The implementation of the EIP is always done in partnership with Brazilian Binational Centers.

The National Youth Science Camp of the National Youth Science Foundation creates a summer-long education program for recent high school graduates recognized for potential in the sciences, technologies, engineering fields, and mathematics (STEM). From around the U.S. and Western Hemisphere, participants challenge themselves with robust curricula – hands-on studies, exciting lectures, and more – to establish life-long networks among delegates and enrich their STEM passions and learning. During the years that invite international enrollment, U.S. Embassy Brasília facilitates selection of Brazilian students for the program.

For more information, please visit the National Youth Science Camp’s website at

EducationUSA in Brazil serves as the U.S. Department of State’s student-advising network, comprised of nearly 40 centers in Brazil.  Promoting higher education in the U.S. to international students, the network offers comprehensive, accurate, and current information about academic opportunities in accredited, postsecondary, U.S. institutions.  Find your local center to take advantage of resources such as college entrance counseling, scholarship opportunities, and more.  The U.S. Mission in Brazil supports the EducationUSA Fairs, LL.M Fairs, and Academy.

More detailed information about services offered by EducationUSA can be accessed on the official website: