Higher Education

The Fulbright Commission represents the U.S.’s and Brazil’s bilateral commitment to education, culture, and research. Fulbright offers competitive, prestigious grants for Brazilian and American students, scholars, and professionals to study abroad and forward their careers. Invested in learning, sharing, and internationalizing knowledge, Fulbrighters include an impressive list of alumni, including Nobel Peace Prize recipients and world-famous pedagogues. U.S. Embassy Brasília assists in the coordination and supervision of all Fulbright programs here in Brazil as well as in the U.S.

For more detailed information about study abroad opportunities in the US, please visit the Fulbright Commission in Brazil’s official website http://www.fulbright.org.br

Study of the U.S. Institutes (SUSIs) for ‘Student Leaders’ and ‘Scholars & Secondary Educators’ provide five- to six-week exchange programs intended to enrich participants’ understanding of the U.S., develop their leadership skills, and broaden teaching strategies and collaboration. A selection of exchange themes rotates every year and brings individuals from all over the world to travel the U.S. with the program. In partnership with SUSIs, the U.S. Mission in Brazil contributes to the programs by nominating Brazilian students and educators identified by partner Educational Institutions.

The Community College Initiative (CCI) program brings university students from around the world to study at U.S. community colleges for one year. Learning technical skills, participants often earn certificates in their fields of study, bringing their new skills and knowledge with them upon returning to their home countries. With the Fulbright Commission, U.S. Embassy Brasília assists CCI’s coordination. Federal Institutes and Technical/Vocational Educational Institutions may email brasiliacultural@state.gov for additional information.