Education & Youth

Science without Border students in a briefing session at the U.S. Embassy in Brasilia (Photo: U.S. Embassy Brasilia)

Education is the foundation for so many other issues and it has been a priority for the U.S. Mission in Brazil for a number of years. The U.S. Mission in Brazil offers different education opportunities for Brazilians as well as Americans.

“Education opens doors to greater understanding and better dialogue. The expansion of study opportunities to students beyond international frontiers is a specially important way of building partnerships that will strengthen our societies,” said Thomas Shannon, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs.

This past year, there was a 78.2% increase in the number of undergraduate and graduate students from Brazil who were studying in the United States totalling 23,675 students. For full information on these numbers, please access the Institute of International Education (IIE) Network and the 2015 Fast Facts Report (PDF – 146KB). There is no better way of strengthening U.S.-Brazil partnership than through direct contact with people.

To this end, the U.S. Government has a network of 29 student counselling centers (EducationUSA Student Advising Centers) in Brazil with professionals able to assist young Brazilians to apply to different universities and educational programs in the United States. These specialists are located  at Brazilian universities and Binational Centers. The Binational Centers are certified by the United States and their principal objective is to teach English and build a relationship between the United States and Brazil.

The U.S. Mission offers programs in the following main areas: Leaders, Teachers, Students, and Young People. In addition, we offer multiple programs to enhance the study of English. Whatever your interest, the U.S. Mission in Brazil needs your help to build the U.S.-Brazil relationship to ensure a bright future for both of our countries.