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International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP)

The U.S. Mission offers theInternational Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) which sends current Brazilians in leadership positions to the United States for an intensive three-week program where they focus on their area of specialty and meet with senior contacts in the United States.  This program is designed to build a comprehensive network of contacts in the United States in a specific field of interest.

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US Brazil School Principals Program

The U.S. Mission is a proud sponsor of Brazil’s National Award for “Excellence in School Management and Leadership.” Since 1999, the National Council of State Secretaries of Education (CONSED), together with public and private partners, annually selects the best principal in each of the 26 Brazilian States and the Federal District, based on their innovation and school management. The awarded schools receive some financial support, educational materials and a certificate of excellence in “School Management and Leadership”. They are also highlighted in their communities for their innovation and success by the State Secretariats of Education and serve as models for other schools in their communities. The U.S. Embassy has been CONSED’s partner since the creation of this program and our contribution to this initiative is a two-week exchange program in the U.S. for all 27 awarded principals.

International Leaders in Education Program (ILEP)

The International Leaders in Education Program is a State Department initiative that provides opportunities for secondary school educators from various regions of the world to participate in a five-month development course in the United States aiming at:

  • Strengthening the excellence in English language teaching and offer participants deeper knowledge of the best practices and teaching methodologies, lesson planning and usage of technology in education;
  • Provide secondary educators with a deeper understanding of the United States of America;
  • Develop long-lasting and productive relationships between educators and teachers from the US and other parts of the world;
  • Contribute to the enhancement of teaching in participants’ countries, transforming teachers in leaders/multipliers who, upon returning to their respective countries, will apply and share their experiences and new skills with colleagues and students.

The duration of the program is of one academic semester in a US university and includes lessons and intensive training in teaching methodologies, lesson planning, teaching strategies, leadership and the usage of technology in education. The program in the US takes place between the months of January and March and will also feature an internship in a secondary school, so that participants of the ILEP program can interact with and practice the new abilities acquired during the program with fellow American educators and students.

Study of the US Institutes for Scholars and Secondary Educators

Study of the U.S. Institutes (SUSIs) for Scholars and Secondary Educators are post-graduate level academic programs for mid-career foreign scholars, faculty, practitioners, and secondary educators whose purpose is to strengthen curricula and to improve the teaching about the United States in academic institutions abroad.  SUSIs for Scholars are six-weeks long; SUSIs for Secondary Educators are five-weeks.  These Institutes are comprised of a four to five week academic residency and a one to two week educational study tour to a different region of the United States.  During the Institutes, scholars engage in rigorous academic coursework and panel discussions, interact and establish networks with American scholars, meet with experts in respective disciplines, visit civic institutions, and in some cases, participate in research symposia and conferences. – See more at: