Academic Writing and Research Development (AWARD) Series

Academic Writing And Research Development (AWARD) Series

The Academic Writing and Research Development (AWARD) Series is a partnership with the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR). This eight-part series demystified writing centers and provided resources about academic and research writing. Our fantastic line-up of English Language Specialists addressed topics including what a writing center actually is, how to train tutors developing an online presence, and more!

Dr. Talinn Phillips

What is a writing center? - Talinn Phillips

In this webinar Dr. Talinn Phillips, Director of the Graduate Writing and Research Center (Ohio University), provides her own fascinating take on the answer to this deceptively simple question.

Martha Sidury Christiansen

Fostering two languages in a writing center - Martha Sidury Christiansen

For the second webinar Dr. Christiansen brings together her expertise in second language writing, academic writing support, and sociolinguistics as part of this new effort to seed a network of writing centers across Brazilian universities and build a local Community of Practice.

Kara Reed

Preparing Writing Tutors: A Hero's Journey - Kara Reed

In our third webinar Dr. Kara Reed hopes to inspire thought and reflection in this call to adventure and transformation on the theme of preparing writing consultants.

Katya Fairbanks

How to Organize a Writing Center - Katya Fairbanks

In this webinar, veteran writing center professional Dr. Katya Fairbanks draws on her 30 years of experience and share her expertise about the organization of a writing center.

Dr. Talinn Phillips

Developing an Online Presence in your Writing Center - Talinn Phillips

Online much these days? In this webinar Dr. Talinn Phillips provokes reflection on planning for beyond “emergency online tutoring” to perhaps how to make the most of this challenging period in our writing center lives.

Carol Severino

The Writing Center: A Community of Practice - Carol Severino

Ask not what your Writing Center Community of Practice (WC CoP) can do for you, but what you can do for your WC CoP! In this webinar, Dr. Severino explores the ways in which we can develop a community of practice in our writing centers.

Robert Côté

Almost Everything to Know About Effective Academic Writing - Robert Côté

Writing well in English is a challenging task that takes a lifetime, even for native speakers. In this interactive workshop Dr. Côté uses simple tools to prove to you and your students that “Anyone can become a good writer, and everyone can become a better writer.”

Ron Martinez

The new “AWARD” program in Brazil - Ron Martinez

In this webinar, Dr. Martinez presents in greater detail what the Academic Writing and Research Development Program is all about, and what new resources are available for the Brazilian audience.