Essay Writing Resource Center

EducationUSA, in partnership with the Regional English Langua Office created an essay writing resource center, which is an online platform that gathers resources to learn to write in English in academic format. The material is offered free of charge and can be accessed at any time.

The Essay Writing Resource Center offers six modules including videos, practice activities and writing techniques. The content was developed especially for Brazilians and aims to teach the participant to structure texts in English and prepare the famous essays, the essays that are part of the application for a vacancy in American universities.

Each module requires approximately 3-5 hours for a student to complete on his/her own. Students may pick and choose which elements to review and the modules do not have to be studied in order. Additional suggested resources will be provided for each module.

1. Write with style! Academic writing structure and genre

  • Structure and length (scaled up or down)
  • Genre analysis: academic essays
  • Writing a strong thesis statement, topic sentences, and restatement of thesis

2. Who’s your audience? Tips for adapting your writing style

  • Application essays and test responses – Samples and analysis
  •  Direct style
  •  U.S. Education Audiences

3. Reflect, brainstorm, and start writing!

  • Brainstorming tools
  • Outlining
  • Drafting
  • Perspective

4. One step at a time! 

  • Self-revision
  • Peer revision
  • Editing
  • Tips for grammar and mechanics

5. Choose your words wisely! Academic vocabulary for writing

  • Transition/organization vocabulary
  • Introduction to academic wordlists
  • Clarity and Specificity
  • Register
  • Collocations
  • Avoiding plagiarism

6. Stay motivated! Keep writing!

  • Creative writing
  • Daily journals and writing prompts
  • Reading to write

7. Application Writing for MBA and Graduate Business Programs

8. Application Writing for STEM and Technical Fields

9. Application Writing for Legal and LLM Programs