Talks About English Teaching

Talks about English Teaching

Learning a foreign language is not an easy task. This month, the U.S. Embassy launches a series of six virtual meetings with U.S. expert Jan Dormer, who has lived in Brazil and has extensive experience teaching English as a foreign language or second language. Please note: Our meetings are in Portuguese, facilitating sharing with parents, school principals, and other education professionals.

With a PhD in Education, Jan Dormer has extensive experience in working with learners and teachers in the area of English teaching in several countries and in different learning contexts. Having lived the experience of immigrant in another country at the age of ten, Jan adds a special touch to her expertise in Basic Education. Currently, Jan teaches in the TESOL graduate program at Messiah College, Pennsylvania, and is the author of several publications in the field.

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How does someone learn a new language?

This session deals with misconceptions about learning a second language and describes the basic elements of learning another language.

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Bilingual Education

This session discusses the important factor in a bilingual education program. It also deals with the challenges to implement an efficient bilingual program.


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What is a good English program?

This session establishes the differences between a bilingual program and a program of English as a foreign language (EFL), defines what is linguistic immersion, as well as what’s necessary to have an efficient English program.

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Linguistic proficiency: What does it mean?

This session shows that it isn’t enough to learn gramar and do exercises to become proficient in a second language. Language learning encompasses thre very important aspects: form, meaning and use.

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What is the Role of the Teacher?

This session deals with myths such as: “anyone who speak English can teach English” or “a native English speaker is a better teacher than a non-native”.