Special COVID-19 Edition Summary: Learning English independently

General Tips

  1. Focus on activities that you like and that are motivating;
  2. Look for resources and activities at your language level;
  3. Meet with friends: “Facetime”, WhatsApp, etc.;
  4. Remember that you learn more using English – not just doing grammar or vocabulary exercises.

Types of Activities

  1. Watch videos like “Do it yourself” (do it yourself). (YouTube or Facebook) in English — recipes, craftwork, home repair, cleaning, sewing, carpentry, etc. Do it yourself!
  2. Watch movies and shows in English. If you can’t understand, use subtitles in Portuguese or English to understand;
  3. Listen to music in English. Try to learn the music and sing along.
  4. Communicate in English through social networks. For instance, create a WhatsApp group with friends to practice your English. Use complete sentences, and no switching between Portuguese and English!
  5. Read widely known stories in English. For example: fairy tales, historical events, parables or other stories that everyone has heard. You can access many of these stories online, often at different levels of English.
  6. Read news in English. Access: ESL News: https://www.fluentu.com/blog/educator-english/esl-news-articles/
  7. Talk to friends in English. Here are some ideas of topics: ask for information, share your preferences, share gossip! Avoid the use of Portuguese. The conversation does not need to be with a native speaker. It may even be better to talk to another Brazilian who is learning English.
  8. Play in English. Use traditional games such as tic tac toe, checkers and chess, or a game in English, like Monopoly. Create your own games, using the vocabulary and grammar you want to practice!
  9. Create an English club. It can be useful and very fun! At americanenglish.state.gov, for example, there is a guide that can help you build your own club!
  10. Participate in a MOOC! These are massive online courses — there are many available for teachers and students.