About the Program

Jovens Embaixadores de 2015 (Foto: Embaixada dos EUA)

Created in 2002, this program targets Brazilian students who are examples in their communities – in terms of proven leadership, positive attitude, proven social consciousness, academic excellence, and English language ability. The Program’s main goal is to value and promote the strengthening of public education through these students, transforming them in models to their colleagues and communities.

NOTE: In yet another atypical year and despite all efforts, the program cannot be carried out in person in the United States.  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic that hit the world last year, the 2021 Youth Ambassadors Program will take place virtually.

As a result, we had to restructure and innovate how we implement this program. The Youth Ambassadors will take place between July and August, with Brazilian and U.S. Youth Ambassadors participating together in activities and workshops on leadership, culture and communication, digital citizenship, social change in their community and globally and to virtually share their life stories and cultures through their families and communities.

In addition, additional activities were included to help participants consolidate the knowledge acquired through the exchange of experiences. Activities to stimulate the participants’ creative and innovative process will be implemented and will include missions, challenges and creative hands-on projects.