How to Participate

NOTE: Again, the in-person exchange to the United States is contingent upon health, safety, and travel conditions, as well as the approval by the U.S. Department of State of an in-person exchange in July 2022. If this is not possible, those selected will be invited to participate in a virtual exchange in an interactive and innovative format.

The program’s target audience are young entrepreneurs who, through creative and innovative initiatives and actions – be they small or large – generate benefits and help promote social welfare. Just as many high school students are already starting to think about careers and professional opportunities, the program also focuses on developing skills for the ever-changing environment of the 21st century. The experience of being a Youth Ambassador allows these students to broaden their horizons, while helping us to strengthen the bonds of friendship, respect and collaboration between Brazil and the
the United States.

To participate in the Youth Ambassador Program, candidates must meet all the prerequisites.


  • Have Brazilian nationality;
  • Be between 15 and 18 years old for the duration of the program;
  • Be a high school student in the Brazilian public high school system and have already attended or be attending at least the 1st year of high school in 2021 – students who will begin the 1st year of high school in 2022 will not be eligible to apply;
  • Have good oral and written fluency in English;
  • Have little or no previous experience abroad;
  • Have never traveled to the United States
  • Be from a lower socioeconomic status;
  • Have excellent school performance
  • Have a profile of leadership and initiative;
  • Be communicative;
  • Have good relationships at home, at school and in the community;
  • Be currently engaged in entrepreneurship and/or social impact initiatives in your community for at least 6 months.

IMPORTANT: All the prerequisites listed above are REQUIRED and must be proven on the candidate’s application form. The prerequisites are applied indiscriminately to all candidates and, under no circumstances, can they be relaxed, under penalty of jeopardizing the credibility and smooth running of the selection process.


Information about the Youth Ambassadors-2021 program is not yet available. Follow our social media:

Applicants should first go to the official Youth Ambassadors Program website,, enter their full name and e-mail address, and click the “Get Started” button. You must then provide all of your personal data* and create an account in the Youth Ambassadors Program online system. The candidate will receive messages via cell phone (Whatsapp) and e-mail at the contacts informed so that he/she can validate and activate his/her account, and whenever he/she wants to access it, he/she must inform the validated e-mail address and password.

* IMPORTANT: Candidates under 18 years of age must upload in the online system a Term of Consent, signed by at least one of their legal guardians, for the supply and treatment of their personal data. The document must be downloaded, duly completed and signed, and uploaded again in the indicated field. It is not possible to proceed without this document attached.

The selection process itself consists of filling out a pre-registration form (Step 1) and, if approved, filling out the online registration form and attaching the documents that prove all the prerequisites (Step 2). All the documentation uploaded in the online system of the Youth Ambassadors Program is sent to the Partner Institutions (IPs) and, after analysis (Step 3), the candidate may or may not be approved to take the written (Step 4)* and oral exams. If approved in this stage, the residency visit (Stage 5)* takes place. The candidates approved in all previous stages participate in the national selection (Stage 6) to choose the young Brazilians who will participate in the Youth Ambassadors Program and travel to the United States** in July 2022.

* 1st Note: To the extent possible, the written exam will be conducted in a face-to-face format. Similarly, home visits will only take place if health and sanitary recommendations at the time allow.

** 2nd Note: Since the world is still on alert and still under some restrictions due to the pandemic of COVID-19, should it not be possible for us to carry out the exchange in the United States in July 2022, those selected will be invited to participate in an exchange in a very interactive and innovative virtual format.