How to Participate

You can apply if you:

  • are a Brazilian citizen;
  • are between 15-18 years old (candidates should be at least 15 on 01/08/2019 and can’t be more the 18 until 02/03/2019);
  • Have no experience or very little experience abroad (if the candidate took part in an exchange program before, it must not have exceeded 20 days);
  • Never travelled to the United States.
  • Have good oral and written skills in English;
  • Are a high school student from a public school;
  • Have economically disadvantaged background;
  • Have high academic marks;
  • Have a leadership profile, initiative and oral fluency;
  • Maintain good relations at home, at school, in the community;
  • Are currently involved in activities of social responsibility/volunteering and can prove that you’ve been doing so for at least one year.

How to Apply:

  • Through the Program’s Facebook page: You should access the application link and fill in the online form;
  • If approved in the first selection phase, you should identify the nearest partner institution and send it the filled preliminary questionnaire together with the requested documentation.

Program Phases:

Phase 1 – from the program launching to August 12:

Through the Program’s Facebook page (, candidates fill in the application form and immediately receive an automatic reply telling them if they meet all basic requirements of the program and can proceed or not to Phase 2:

  • “Approved to proceed to Phase 2”:  The candidate receives an automatic message providing instructions on how to proceed in the selection process.
  • “Not approved to proceed to Phase 2”:  An automatic message informs the candidate that he/she does not meet all requirements and cannot proceed in the selection process.

Phase 2 – up to August 26:

The candidate must:

  • fill the preliminary questionnaire;
  • select the nearest partner institution in his/her state to where his/her documents will be electronically sent;
  • upload a photo and ALL documents that corroborate the program requirements;
  • conclude the online process.

Important: The candidate can go through the online process in several steps, saving data every time a new document is uploaded. However, this process must be concluded up to August 26. After that date, the link will not be accessible.

At the end of the process, the candidate will receive a message saying the the process has been successfully concluded and that the uploaded documents are in the program databank pending revision by the selected partner institution.

Phase 3 – up to September 5:

Partner institutions review data provided by the candidates.

Important: After the conclusion of the application process, only partner institutions can replace documents, if necessary.

At the end of the reviewing process, the partner institution will select:

  • “Approved to proceed to Phase 4: Written exam.” The candidate will receive an automatic message saying that he/she was approved to take the written exam, scheduled to take place on September 14, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. The exact address where the exam will be taken will be informed by the selected partner institution.
  • “Not approved to proceed to Phase 4.” The candidate will receive an automatic message saying that he/she wasn’t approved for not meeting the following requirement(s).

Important: If the candidate was approved to proceed to Phase 4, but didn’t receive a confirmation message with time and place of the exam until September 11, he/she should contact the partner institution to obtain that information.

Phase 4 (writen exam) – September 14 (between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m.):

Partner institutions in the whole country apply simultaneously the written exam  (from 2 p.m. to 5p.m.- Brasília time).

Phase 5 – up to September 30:

Partner institutions apply the oral exam, visit the residence of candidates with best scores and select those who will participate in the national competition.

The partner institution will upload the oral and written exams, as well as the visit report and determine if the candidate will be a “finalist.”

  • “Finalist”:  the candidate receives an automatic message informing that he/she is a semi-finalist and will participate in the national competition for one of the slots of the program.
  • “Not approved at Phase 5”:  If this option was selected, a comment box will appear on screen for the partner institution to explain briefly the reason for the candidate not being approved in this phase.

Phase 6 – October 23-24:

The selection committee of Embassy/Consulates members meets to review the applications and select the new Youth Ambassadors.

Phase 7 – up to October 31:

The Embassy announces the list of selected students for the 2019 Youth Ambassadors program.

Phase 8 – October/November:

The Youth Ambassadors provide their passports and other necessary documents to travel to the United States in January of the following year.

Phase 9 – December:

Embassy + Consulates + partner institutions assist the Youth Ambassadors with preparations for their trip to the United States.

Phase 10 – January 8-11, 2019:

Visa interview and pre-departure orientation in Brasília.

Phase 11 – January 11, 2019:

Student travel to the United States.

Phase 12 –  January 12 – February 2, 2019:

Program in Washington, D.C. and host-States.

Phase 13 – February 3, 2018:

The Youth Ambassadors arrive in Brazil.