Grant Reporting Guidelines

Timely and informative reporting is required for all Federal Assistance Awards funded by the United States Government.  Requirements will vary depending on the type of assistance:  Cooperative Agreements, Grants, Fixed Amount Award, and Individual Awards.

The purposes of grant reporting are:

  • To help the U.S. Mission to Brazil better understand the organization and programs funded;
  • To give grantees an opportunity to share information and report upon the progress of their programs;
  • To measure the outputs (activities) and outcomes (results) of programs;
  • To comply with U.S. Government regulations.

There are two components to the reporting process:  the narrative/programmatic report and the financial report.

The due dates for submitting reports will be indicated in the awards specifics. It is very important to comply with these deadlines since the reporting history will be taken into consideration in the awarding of future grants and will impact the Risk Assessment of the grantee.

In addition, payment of installments, with the exception of the first, will only be disbursed upon receipt and review of reports.

Grantees are expected to describe and evaluate the activities as outlined in the award proposal and awards specifics. The narrative portion of the report should include the following:

  1. A completed Performance Progress Report (PPR). Form is available at Grants Corner Page under the Post-Award and Closeout phases;
  2. A description of the activities during the reporting period that sets forth:
    • Progress made toward the expected outcomes of the grant and any other significant accomplishments;
    • Any setbacks or challenges;
    • Significant board, management, or staff changes relevant to the project;
    • Suggestions for improvements.
  3. A list or description of any recent evaluations, publications, news articles, or other materials related to the grant;
  4. Any other relevant information related to the activities of the project.
  1. A completed SF-425 Federal Financial Report. Form is available at Grants Corner Page under the Post-Award and Closeout phases;
  2. An excel spreadsheet listing actual expenses. Even though grantees are not required to submit receipts, these should be kept for three years after the closing date. The grantee should receive a closeout letter informing that all reports have been reviewed, payments made and requirements met.  The USG is entitled to request receipts at any time deemed necessary.

Grantees are required to use the same budget categories authorized in awards specifics for line-by-line comparison.