Sections and Offices

  1. Consul General Carrie Muntean
  2. Sections and Offices

The Consulate staff performs the functions common to such an operation — administrative, consular, economic, political, and public affairs.

Key Officers:

Consul General:                                    Carrie Muntean
Chief of Consular Section:                  Nelson H. Wu
Public Affairs Officer:                          Cynthia Faby
Management Officer:                           Jerome Fields

The Public Affairs Section of the Consulate explains and advocates U.S. policy and works to promote mutual understanding between Brazilian and American societies. The Public Affairs Section acts as a focal point for media, think tanks, and academic and cultural institutions, and advises the Consulate on public diplomacy issues.

The Office works closely with local and Brazilian media. It facilitates media exchanges and visits to the United States and provides information to the media via press conferences, interviews, press releases and other forms of communication.

The Public Affairs section provides Brazilian audiences with an understanding of U.S. foreign policy and its context through seminars, conferences, and American speakers. It also manages U.S. government-administered professional and educational exchange programs.

American Citizen Services
The American Citizen Services section provides passport and special consular services to U.S. citizens.

The Visas section provides services to those seeking to enter the United States for a temporary period.