FCS congratulates SEBRAE’s winning microentrepreneurs on their official trip to the USA.

The U.S. Embassy supported the winners of Sebrae’s 2016 Microentrepreneurs Businesswomen of the Year Award during an official visit to the United States and also scheduled official visits to American companies running similar businesses to the three winners.

This years winners were:

  • Fabiana Cabral manages a fashion truck in Araçatuba, São Paulo, where she has created the brand “Street Bags” out of her 1965 VW bus;
  • Jordana Saldanha runs a nutritional “finger food” factory under the brand “Salgart” in Brasilia;
  • Maria de Fatima is a rural producer recognized for her work in a Bahia cooperative, Repescar, which provides fish, crab and oysters to restaurants in Salvador;

Besides visiting counterpart businesses in the U.S., the entrepreneurs also visited the Entrepreneurial Center of the University of Hartford, which is among the 20 most active in the U.S assisting approximately 1,100 people / 600 companies per year. The businesswomen commented they have returned full of new information and inspirations for their businesses.

The U.S. Embassy welcomes them back and wishes luck in their businesses!