Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is Growth in the Americas América Cresce?

A: Growth in the Americas América Crece, or América Cresce, is a U.S. government initiative that seeks to catalyze private sector investment in infrastructure in Latin America and the Caribbean. This whole-of-government approach channels the resources and expertise of many U.S. government agencies in a coordinated effort to help countries attract private sector investment. For example, under América Cresce, the United States assists countries to improve their regulatory frameworks and procurement structures to meet the requirements of limited-recourse project financing.

Q: What kind of infrastructure does América Cresce focus on?

A: América Cresce began in 2018 as an energy infrastructure-focused initiative and has now expanded to encompass broader infrastructure needs, including, but not limited to, telecommunications, energy, ports, roads, and airports. Facilitating energy infrastructure investments remains a core focus of the initiative.

Q: Which countries are part of América Cresce?

A: Through América Cresce, the United States works closely with governments across Latin America and the Caribbean, including by high-level diplomatic engagement, formal framework MOUs, informal discussions, technical assistance and exchanges, as well as leveraging existing bilateral dialogues and regional forums to share best practices bilaterally and through regional institutions, business associations, and civil society groups. The United States has signed formal América Cresce memoranda of understanding with Argentina, Chile, Jamaica, and Panama. In English-speaking countries, América Cresce will be known as Growth in the Americas in order to resonate with local audiences who may not speak Spanish. In Brazil, the initiative will be known as América Cresce.

Q: As a private sector company seeking commercial opportunities for infrastructure projects in Latin America and the Caribbean, how can América Cresce help me?

A: América Cresce connects the U.S. private sector to opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean through a variety of activities, such as business-to-business and business-to-government roundtables, trade missions and study tours, undertaking commercial feasibility studies, providing technical expertise to improve the investment climate, and supporting project financing.

Q: Which U.S. government agencies participate in América Cresce?

A: América Cresce is a whole-of-government effort. The core agencies include the Departments of State, Treasury, Commerce, and Energy as well as the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the United States Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) and the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) which participate in América Cresce, among others.

Q: Are there limits to which types of infrastructure investment América Cresce can support?

A: Support for any specific energy or other infrastructure sector investment is subject to the guidelines of the individual U.S. government agency that will provide any specific type of support and varies depending on the income-level status of the target country.

Q: What funding is currently available for América Cresce?

A: América Cresce primarily leverages existing programs, diplomatic engagement, technical expertise, and partnerships to achieve initiative goals and objectives.

Q: How does América Cresce relate to other Latin America and/or Caribbean initiatives?

A: América Cresce serves as an umbrella under which all current U.S. energy and other infrastructure initiatives will be advanced. América Cresce coordinates closely within the U.S. government to support and advance respective agencies’ energy and other infrastructure related programs for Latin America and the Caribbean, and helps align all programs with the strategic objectives of América Cresce.