Interested in entrepreneurship? Join the 3 Day Startup Manaus

U.S. Embassy promotes free event to turn startup ideas into reality

The U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Brazil, in partnership with 3 Day Startup and Venture Hub Manaus, invite entrepreneurs or would-be entrepreneurs from the State of Amazonas to participate October 22-24 in the 3 Day Startup Foundations program. This 72-hour course teaches entrepreneurial skills from a practical perspective. After registering, the participant will have the opportunity to choose to participate either online or in person.  Registration goes until October 16.

The selectees will learn how to start a business, develop a business prototype, and build a business model. The program will also offer mentoring and training to participants who will present their ideas to a panel of entrepreneurs at the end of the course. Participants who complete the three-day program can apply for funding of up to US$ 1,000 to kick-start their venture. 

For more information and registration, please visit:

In addition to this event, on October 15, 3 Day Startup will offer a Lightning Session: A one-hour program to learn the key principles of startups and networking with other Brazilian entrepreneurs. This session is free and open to everyone.