Journalists: U.S. Embassy now on your cell phone

You can receive our top news and information via WhatsApp broadcasting list. The service is free!

From now on, journalists from all over the country can receive the top news from the U.S Embassy in Brazil right on their cellular phone. The most direct contact will be made by WhatsApp and, to receive the information, just add the number (61) 99674-8008 to your contact list and send your name and the news outlet you work for to have access to the material released by the Embassy’s Information Office.

In this way you, communicator, will receive first-hand the news published on our official website via the chat app, with the most relevant facts addressed by the Embassy in the country. The service is free!

But remember, the information will reach you only if our number is registered in your contact list! For further questions, information or press inquiries, please contact us directly at