Message for U.S. Citizens: New Law Affecting Drivers in Brazil

The United States Embassy in Brasilia informs U.S. citizens that as of July 8, 2016, a new law requires all drivers in Brazil to drive with low beam headlights illuminated during the day.

Key points of the new law are:

  1. All drivers in Brazil must keep low beam headlights turned on during the day while driving, effective July 8, 2016.
  2. Daytime running lights (DRL) are a low-cost method to reduce crashes.  DRL are effective in preventing daytime head-on and front-corner collisions by increasing vehicle visibility and making it easier for pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists to detect approaching vehicles from farther away.
  3. Failure to comply with the law can result in a traffic fine of R$ 85.13.
  4. Fog lights cannot be used instead of low beam headlights.

Recently-manufactured vehicles may have automatic DRL, but if yours does not, remember to turn your daytime running lights on when you get in your vehicle, and turn them off when you turn off the engine to avoid draining the battery.

For further information:

For assistance, please contact your local Embassy or Consulate:

U.S. Embassy Brasilia
SES – Av. das Nações, Quadra 801, Lote 03
70403-900 – Brasília, DF
Phone: (61) 3312-7000
After-Hours Emergencies: (61) 3312-7400

U.S. Consulate General Recife
Rua Gonçalves Maia, 163
Bairro Boa Vista Recife, PE – 50.070-060
Phone: (81) 3416-3050
After-Hours Emergencies: (81) 99916-9470 or (81) 3416-3060

U.S. Consulate General Rio de Janeiro
Av. Presidente Wilson, 147 Castelo
Rio de Janeiro, RJ — 20030-020
Entrance at Rua Santa Luzia
Phone: (21) 3823-2000
After-Hours Emergencies: (21) 3823-2029

U.S. Consulate General São Paulo
Rua Henri Dunant, 500,
Chácara Santo Antonio,
São Paulo, SP — 04709-110
Phone: (11) 3250-5000
After-Hours Emergencies: (11) 3250-5373