Official Statement by the USG Delegation to NETmundial

The U.S. delegation, led by White House Cybersecurity Coordinator Michael Daniel, congratulates the government of Brazil and the global community on the success of the NETmundial multistakeholder Internet governance meeting held in São Paulo this week.

Together at NETmundial, hundreds of stakeholders from around the world convened to discuss and agree upon a shared vision for the multistakeholder model of Internet governance that seeks to further develop an increasingly open, transparent, inclusive, and responsive system.

The Multistakeholder Statement of São Paulo, developed by the meeting’s participants, received support from dozens of governments from every continent, as well as technical bodies, the private sector, civil society activists, and international organizations.

The Multistakeholder Statement of São Paulo:

  • reaffirmed the multistakeholder model of Internet governance;
  • endorsed the transition of the U.S. government’s stewardship role of IANA functions to the global multistakeholder community, consistent with our stated principles;
  • emphasized the importance of strengthening and expanding upon the mandate of the Internet Governance Forum;
  • and underscored the importance of human rights in the implementation of a free and open Internet.

The Multistakeholder Statement also addressed difficult issues such as surveillance and acknowledged, just as President Obama has, that intelligence gathering activities must be conducted according to law and with appropriate oversight.

The United States government salutes the multistakeholder organizers of NETmundial for convening a constructive and meaningful meeting. We also offer thanks to the Government of Brazil for hosting the world’s Internet community in the ultimate example of Brazil’s longstanding support for multistakeholder Internet governance. The U.S. government looks forward to working closely with Brazil in the spirit of NETmundial, recognizing our common commitment made in São Paulo to support and protect an open and innovative Internet, broadly accessible and governed by the multistakeholder community.

NETmundial marks one of many critical global discussions planned for the multistakeholder community this year. The U.S. government supports these discussions and looks forward to working collaboratively with the global community to strengthen the Internet governance structure, enabling broad participation from governments, businesses, civil society, technology experts and academia.