Official video of FBI Director’s visit to Brasilia

Brasília, June 23, 2022: Official video and transcript of FBI Director Christopher A. Wray’s visit to Brasilia on Thursday (23).



I want to thank our Brazilian partners and to the people of Brazil for hosting our visit here. The FBI greatly values our relationship with Brazil and we appreciate the foundation our Legal Attaché office here in Brazil has provided, for a longstanding and fruitful collaboration between our two nations’ law enforcement efforts.

Because this relationship undoubtedly helps us keep both our countries safer by helping us combat, defend, and protect against crime more effectively – together.

Today I was pleased to meet with a number of my Brazilian security and law enforcement colleagues to discuss how our cooperation makes both our nations safer and more capable.

Our meetings focused on the rise of different kinds of transnational organized crimes and cybercrimes, both of which victimizes millions all over the world, making international cooperation crucial.

Our recent series of seminars with our Brazilian colleagues on these topics are an important step in our continued work together in the criminal-cyber arena. Because conflicting laws, different priorities, and diverse criminal justice systems mean that effectively combating cybercrime demands a global approach.

One example of our joint work—and success—is the joint investigation by the FBI and Brazilian Federal Police into the website known as DeepDotWeb. Administrators of DeepDotWeb were indicted for money laundering and conspiracy relating to kickbacks for sales of fentanyl, heroin, and other dangerous and illegal goods on the darknet. That investigation, which has been ongoing for the last four years, culminated in the January sentencing of Israeli hacker Tal Prihar to 97 months in prison.

And that is just one example of our joint success as a result of our commitment to international partnerships and collaboration. No country can control crime alone.

Because as I say often, the bad guys aren’t constrained by international borders, so the good guys shouldn’t be, either.

We at the FBI are grateful for these opportunities to work side-by-side and shoulder-to-shoulder with our law enforcement counterparts in Brazil to bring down dangerous criminal enterprises.

And we look forward to continuing this fight, together.