Private Initiative for the Sustainable Development of the Amazon was launched on 12/06

The Partnership Platform for the Amazon (PPA) was launched on Wednesday, December 6, and brought together companies of different sizes and from different sectors around a common goal: to discuss the challenges and opportunities private sector engagement in promoting the sustainable development of the Amazon.  The event, was held in Manaus (Amazonas state), and was organized by the Institute of Conservation and Sustainable Development of the Amazon (IDESAM), the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (ICTA) with support of the Amazonas State Industry Center (CIEAM).

“All the companies in the Amazon or with strategic commercial relations in the region are invited to take part.  Private initiatives have are naturally inclined to discover opportunities and can be a driver of new business, fostering sustainable entrepreneurship in the Amazon region by investing in development models that are economically viable, environmentally positive and socially responsible,” explained Mariano Cenamo, co-founder of IDESAM and in charge of the executive coordination of the PPA.

With an emphasis on the exchange of inspiring experiences, the event included themes such as: Challenges for sustainable development in the Amazon; Successful partnerships in the private sector for the Amazon, and Impact Business for sustainable development in the Amazon.

During the event the Management Comitee for the Partnership Platform for the Amazon (PPA), in Manaus, was nominated –  an initiative that will bring together companies of different segments and sizes around a common goal. Participating companies and their representatives: AMBEV, Giulia Setembrino, BEMOL, Denis Minev, Coca-Cola, Luiz Andre Soares, DOW, Fabian Gil, KPMG, Luciano Medeiros, Natura, Talia Bonfante e Ronaldo Freitas, 3M, Fernando Pellicano, USAID, Michael Eddy, US Embassy, Ambassador McKinley.