Quilombola communities participate in podcast production in Brasilia

30 representatives from 13 states meet in Brasilia to close the “Our Quilombola Life” program

Brasilia, September 20, 2023: From September 21-23, thirty representatives from 15 quilombola communities will meet in Brasilia to participate in the “Our Quilombola Life” course with the support of the U.S. Embassy. The course aims to support content creators from these communities who use podcasts to tell their stories, share their cultures, explain the social challenges their communities face, and defend the rights of quilombo communities in Brazil.

Over the course of six months, two representatives from each of the selected communities received online training to create podcast content on education, culture, health and quilombola territory.

The program is sponsored by the U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Brazil in partnership with Far Away Projects – a non-profit organization that supports global social impact projects around the world.

Vehicles interested in covering the event should send an e-mail to BrasiliaEMBEUA@state.gov.

Communities represented:

– Quilombo Carrasco, Alagoas
– Quilombo Barranco de São Benedito da Praça 14, Amazonas
– Quilombo Ilha da Maré, Bahia
– Quilombo Quixada, Ceará
– Quilombo Kalunga, Goiás
– Quilombo Mesquita, Goiás
– Quilombo Canelatiua, Maranhão
– Quilombo Rampa, Maranhão
– Quilombo Arturos, Minas Gerais
– Quilombo Cachoeira Porteira, Pará
– Quilombo Sussarana, Piauí
– Quilombo Pedra do Sal, Rio de Janeiro
– Quilombo Vidal Martins, Santa Catarina
– Quilombo Porto Velho, São Paulo
– Quilombo Galvão, São Paulo