Registrations open for the second edition of the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE)

The innovative program to support women’s entrepreneurship offers 90 slots. Registration  open until September 26. 


The U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Brazil, in partnership with the +Unidos Group, open registration for the second edition of the free program to support women’s entrepreneurship, the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs ( AWE). Aimed at women entrepreneurs looking for opportunities to expand their businesses, AWE-Brasil 2.0 will offer 90 slots for Brazilian entrepreneurs from all parts of the country. To participate, applicants must be between 25-55 years old, have 2-5 employees and have a business established for at least two years. Registrations are open until September 26: 

AWE is a U.S. Department of State program that has already allowed more than 10,000 women in about 50 countries to show lasting business growth. AWE-Brasil 2.0 will take place in an online format from November 2021 to March 2022. If sanitary conditions permit, all selected entrepreneurs will participate in the final competition in São Paulo in March – International Women’s Day. 

The AWE-Brasil 2.0 curriculum is based on the 10 modules of Coursera educational platform online ‘10,000 Women’, , and will include sessions on business expansion, finance, financial planning, negotiation, sales, marketing, operations, management and more. In addition, the program will be complemented with lectures, workshops, visits, virtual fairs, interaction with successful entrepreneurs, monitored by experienced mentors, access to innovative tools and various other professional and commercial development  activities.Once selected, the 90 entrepreneurs will receive technical and technological infrastructure support so that they can fully and actively monitor the entire Awe-Brasil 2.0 program.  

AWE-Brasil 2.0 is an initiative of the U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Brazil that has the implementation of the +Unidos Group and pedagogical support from the Somos Todas Marias InstituteEntrepreneurship and women’s empowerment are integral parts of bilateral policy and programs between Brazil and the U.S.. By seeking opportunities to strengthen their economic potential, women contribute positively to greater stability, security and prosperity in their respective communities and societies. 

In its pilot edition, between January and March of this year, the program has already presented enormous benefits for the participants. According to Maíra da Costa, the first place winner in the competition for seed capital of AWE 1.0: ‘I do believe  that my transformation process took place through this collective transformation that also happened with other women. There was a lot of change and we grew  together.’ Maria Angelica dos Santos also testified that ‘the program opened my eyes to so much… I immediately started putting into practice everything I was learning. I changed internal processes and grew professionally, giving me more self-confidence and more signed contracts.’ To learn about  AWE 1.0 entrepreneurs, visit the link:   

About the U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Brazil: 

The U.S. Embassy and Consulates have strong, dynamic, and growing partnerships with Brazil. Our mission is to bring the two countries closer together through actions that promote access to education, technology, opportunities and, consequently, economic growth and regional and global prosperity.

About the +Unidos Group: 

+Unidos, a non-profit association, is a collaborative social investment fund debuted by the U.S. Embassy through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). The Group, formed by large companies working in Brazil, has been working since 2008 in training young Brazilians through the development of initiatives aimed at education and technological training, proposing a new way of thinking about the efforts in social responsibility that are currently carried out in the country.