SOUTHCOM to observe humanitarian logistics in the Amazon

U.S. personnel will observe a logistics-based exercise in Brazil’s tri-border region with Colombia and Peru

From November 6-13, the U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) will observe the humanitarian logistics during the Multinational Inter-agency Logistics Exercise, the AMAZONLOG – in its tri-border region with Colombia and Peru.  The event, which will be held in Tabatinga, is an example of the close cooperation between the United States and Brazil, and partner nations such as Peru, Chile, Colombia, and Japan.

For eight days, approximately 50 U.S. personnel will be present for AMAZON LOG and 19 U.S. observers will be at the site for the duration of the event.  There will be 31 more members of the Montana Air National Guard based out of Manaus providing administrative air transportation jointly with the U.S. personnel in Tabatinga.

Some of other partner nations are also participating with minimum personnel as observers.  The Colombian and Peruvian armies will be providing personnel with various skills to include: medical, logistics, and aviation backgrounds.  These personnel will be integrated as planners within the exercise, as well as responders to provide assistance to scenario-based “displaced personnel.”

The tri-border region faces unique challenges in conducting humanitarian assistance such as disaster relief efforts.  The exercise is designed to build partner nation capacity for civil and combined military response to major disasters, interoperability between the militaries of the participating nations, and to improve and strengthen regional civil-military collaboration.  The relationships built and sustained through this exercise will strengthen the ability of the U.S. and our regional partners to access and perform humanitarian assistance and disaster relief activities throughout South America.

About AMAZON LOG 17:

AMAZONLOG is an unprecedented Multinational Inter-agency Logistics Exercise in South America, led by the Brazilian Army Logistics Command (COLOG), and joint actions by multinational and interagency troops from Brazil, Colombia, United States, and Peru.  An International Logistics Base composed of Integrated Multinational Logistics Units (ULMIs) will be built in the hostile and challenging Amazon Rainforest.  ULMIs will be trained to give support to civilians and military personnel deployed in remote regions, as typically occurs in Peace Operations and Humanitarian Assistance.

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