United States committed to coordinating support for vaccination efforts

Statement by the U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Brazil Spokesperson


The United States is committed to coordinating with Brazilian partners, the government, and the private sector to support COVID-19 vaccination efforts.  The recent finalization of contracts between the government of Brazil and U.S companies Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson was a crucial step which will provide an additional 138 million high quality vaccine doses to Brazilians.  These vaccines are considered among the safest and most efficacious in the world and represent the most cutting-edge vaccine technology available today. Through unprecedented partnership between government, the private sector, and academia, several safe and effective vaccines have made it to market in less than one year.   U.S. investments of more than $10 billion have accelerated the research, development, and scaled- manufacturing to bring safe and effective vaccines, therapies, and diagnostics to market faster.

The United States is a firm believer in the important role of rigorously-tested, safe and effective vaccines as one part of what must be a broad, inclusive national strategy to combat the pandemic and limit its effects.  Vaccines together with other preventive measures, including mask wearing, social distancing, and other behaviors and actions are the world’s best solutions for limiting the spread of COVID-19 in the near term.  As more vaccines are approved for use, the United States and other nations must continue to develop and implement coordinated approaches to these prevention strategies as no country can be fully protected against COVID-19 until it is controlled around the globe.

Earlier this week, Brazil received its first 1 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine through the COVAX Facility, a strategic multilateral mechanism to expand global access to vaccines.  Brazil is a self-financing participant in the COVAX Facility and we celebrate this first shipment of COVAX doses to the country. The United States is leading the way as the world’s largest single donor supporting COVAX, having already provided $2 billion in funding in support of COVAX, and committed an additional $2B in funds through 2022. COVAX is a global solution to a global challenge, based on the principles of equity, transparency, and common humanity.   COVAX is an important part in helping Brazil get access to additional vaccines in the coming months.

Longstanding health partnerships and investments on the part of the U.S. government together with our Brazilian partners have made important contributions to the fights against HIV/AIDS, Zika, and COVID-19, among others.  In recent months the Embassy has provided technical and financial support directly to science and public health experts and researchers in Brazil to characterize the Brazilian variants through field epidemiologic investigations and make crucial data available to combat the variant of concern in Brazil and abroad. The United States is aware of foreign requests regarding U.S. government vaccine doses, and when we determine that we are able to share more vaccines, we will work closely with COVAX and other international partners.   The Embassy will make relevant announcements when there is more information to share regarding the official request from the government of Brazil, and urges all Brazilian partners and local and national government representatives to coordinate requests for assistance through the Brazilian Foreign Ministry to ensure their integration into the Brazilian national strategy.