Statement by the White House Special Adviser for the Summit of the Americas

As White House Special Adviser for the Summit of the Americas, I have traveled to countries across the region to build a positive, shared agenda for the Summit. President Joe Biden asked me to travel to Brazil today with a singular focus on the Summit. I came to reinforce our longstanding appreciation for the deep and consequential partnership that our two countries share, built on a common foundation of democracy, human rights, economic prosperity, the rule of law, and security. This morning in my meeting with President Bolsonaro, I reiterated our hope that Brazil will be an active Summit participant, as we honor a collective responsibility to forge a more inclusive and prosperous future.

As one of the United States’ most important partners in the region, what we do together with Brazil matters. The Summit of the Americas, which will take place in Los Angeles in June, will focus on some of the most important, shared issues from across the hemisphere. These include ensuring democracy delivers for every country, our shared climate goals, a stronger, more collaborative COVID-19 response, and addressing organized crime and economic instability. Brazil has much to offer on these topics to the leaders from across the region who will gather at the Summit, and we greatly value Brazil’s voice as we discuss solutions that will help build better lives for the people of our hemisphere.