Statement by U.S. Embassy spokesperson, Tobias Bradford, on Adviser Sullivan’s visit to Brazil

National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan, visited Brazil on August 5 to discuss the shared national interests of the two largest democracies in the Americas. They discussed with their Brazilian counterparts how the two countries can work together to promote security and shared prosperity, advance ambitious climate goals, and combat the Covid-19 epidemic.

The delegation addressed a range of strategic priorities during high-level meetings with the Brazilian government. On climate change, the United States noted the commitments made by President Bolsonaro at the Leaders Summit on Climate in April 2021, and urged for steps to put those commitments into action, including a demonstration of efforts to combat illegal deforestation ahead of the COP26 and a revision of Brazil’s NDC.

During the visit, Advisor Sullivan expresses support for Brazil’s participation as a NATO Global Partner as a way to deepen security cooperation over time between Brazil and NATO countries.  It provides for increased access to training and education and increases interoperability.

Regarding 5G, the United States continues to have deep concerns about Huawei’s potential role in Brazil’s telecom infrastructure, as well as the telecom infrastructure with other countries around the world.

On the issue of the elections, the United States side was direct in expressing great confidence in the ability of Brazilian institutions to carry out a free and fair election in 2022, with proper safeguards in place to guard against fraud.  We stressed the importance of not undermining confidence in that process.