Thanksgiving Message from the Ambassador

On behalf of my family and the staff of the U.S. Diplomatic Mission in Brazil, I would like to wish all Americans residing in Brazil a very happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Day is a uniquely American holiday and the most widely celebrated holiday in the United States. Every year, Americans everywhere come together with family and friends to commemorate the founding of our country and to give thanks for the blessings of the past year. Almost 400 years ago, Native Americans and Pilgrims did the same; Native Americas shared their autumn harvest with the Pilgrims, celebrating the spirit of friendship, good will, and gratitude that has marked the season ever since.

We are fortunate to live in Brazil, a country whose people share many of our values, including the importance of family and a tradition of cooking and enjoying great food. Brazil and the U.S. have a friendship that has spanned over 200 years. This past year, our bilateral relationship has expanded further with initiatives focused on working together to increase trade between our two nations and to secure a lasting global climate change agreement, expanding use of renewable energy sources, strengthening English language teaching and acquisition, encouraging more education and cultural exchanges, and working together to ensure the safety and security of our nations’ citizens. Last but not least, we joined Brazilians in welcoming the more than 100,000 Americans who traveled to Brazil to attend the Olympic and Paralympic Games and cheering on Brazilian, American, and the other world-class athletes from around the world. We are grateful for the close friendship and strong ties that our countries share; and, we are committed to continuing to work together to ensure that these cherished ties endure.

I hope you will take the opportunity that Thanksgiving presents to gather together with family, neighbors, and friends, including Brazilian friends, to express appreciation for the individuals who have enriched your life over the past year. On behalf of the U.S. Mission in Brazil, we are thankful for the freedoms we enjoy as American citizens and the opportunity to serve you and our country.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Ambassador Liliana Ayalde