U.S. Ambassador McKinley to take part in FAUBAI Conference in Rio de Janeiro

The U.S. Ambassador P. Michael McKinley and representatives of the U.S. Mission in Brazil will take part in opening ceremony of the annual Conference of the Brazilian Association for International Education – FAUBAI, on April 15, in Rio de Janeiro.  FAUBAI is the most important event on internalization of higher education in South America and focuses on the challenges and strategies to implement comprehensive internationalization policies and the attractiveness of Brazilian research.  This year’s theme is “internationalization and research,” one that dovetails nicely with ongoing CAPES and Fulbright efforts to build institutional links between Brazilian and U.S. universities.

During the opening ceremony, Ambassador McKinley will highlight the importance of FAUBAI in promoting cooperation in international education, and outline the U.S. Mission’s commitment to continued collaboration with the Association and other Brazilian partners.  He will also congratulate PUC Parana and Kent State University for the American Academy, an innovative program for undergraduate Education that allows Brazilian students start their studies at PUCPR and complete them at Kent State University.

“Brazil and the United States have so much to gain by continuing to work together on so many fronts to increase educational and cooperation. These activities across borders enhance our prosperity and strengthen our democracies,” highlights Ambassador McKinley.


The Brazilian Association for International Education – FAUBAI – was founded in 1988, and brings together more than 600 people from all continents to discuss important strategies, share best practices and address challenges faced by Brazilian Higher Education Institutions in their efforts to increase their presence in foreign institutions and to increase the number of foreign students on their campuses.  One of FAUBAI’s main goals is to promote the improvement of exchange programs and international cooperation as a means of enhancing the teaching, research, extension and administration of affiliated institutions.

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