U.S. Consulate Promotes Fraud Workshop in Recife


On February 24th and 25th, the Fraud Prevention Unit of the U.S. Consulate General Recife along with the U.S. Secret Service conducted a Fraud Workshop in Recife at the Civil Police Academy.  Over 150 participants from the Brazilian Federal, Civil, Military and Forensics Police, as well as the Customs Ministry, various Airlines, and representatives from organizations combatting trafficking in persons were in attendance.  Consul General Richard Reiter and the Secretary of Social Defense Alessandro Carvalho Liberato De Mattos opened the workshop along with other high ranking members of the Social Defense ministry and police.

The Fraud Workshop was conducted in two parts.  First participants were instructed on how to identify counterfeit U.S. currency by a specialized investigator with the U.S. Secret Service.  Next they were taught how to recognize key security features in travel documents, identify fraudulent documents, and detect imposters by Consulate General Recife’s Fraud Prevention Unit.