U.S. government announces additional US$ 3 million to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 in Brazil

The U.S. Government, via the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), has committed approximately US $3 million (over R$ 17 million) to support Brazil’s public health emergency response to COVID-19. The CDC will work closely with Fundação Oswaldo Cruz (Fiocruz) and the Ministry of Health, with which the Embassy maintains longstanding health cooperation. The funding will be used to improve case detection and tracing to identify areas of transmission, control outbreaks, and provide data for safe re-opening in Brazil. This assistance builds upon the US $950,000 announced on May 1 for economic support for vulnerable populations. 

This CDC funding will strengthen Brazil’s emergency operations by supporting a total of 79 National, State and Municipal Emergency Operation Centers (1 national, 27 states, 26 state capitals and 25 municipalities over 500,000 inhabitants), and provide a Rapid Response Team (RRT) members training and workshops on emergency management systems integration (EMSI), RRT management and Public Health Emergency Management (PHEM) programs. 

Furthermore, the CDC funding will improve border health and community mitigation by supporting Emergency Operation Centers and laboratories in a total of 13 Border municipalities and strengthen capacities among partner countries to detect and respond to ill individuals at their borders and along the continuum of travel. 

On the announcement, Ambassador Todd Chapman underscored: “This initiative will directly assist FioCruz and the Ministry of Health in their efforts to mitigate the impact of COVID-19. We will continue to work together with Brazil to fight this pandemic.”  

The United States and Brazil have a long and productive collaboration on health issues, including biomedical research, public health, infectious diseases, scientific exchanges, and strengthening the health system.  CDC has been actively cooperating with Brazil since 2000 and has maintained an office in Brazil since 2003.  The United States will continue its ongoing discussion and commitment to work together with Brazil to improve the lives of our countries’ citizens and to combat COVID-19.

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