U.S. offers English course for trans activists

Twenty-six trans activists will benefit from a 14-week English course

Brasilia, May 15, 2023: The Embassy and Consulates of the United States in Brazil, through the Regional Office of English Language Teaching (RELO), and ANTRA (The National Association for Trans Women and Travestis) have selected 26 trans community activists from across Brazil to participate in a 14-week-basic English course (May to September 2023). The program is funded by the U.S. State Department and implemented by Georgetown University.

The goal of the course is to provide the participants with English language skills to communicate and advocate for their community during forums, conferences, and events, and to increase their chances of entering the job market. The classes will also focus on writing skills and document proofreading. According to Projeto Além do Arco-Íris da ONG AfroReggae, 72% of transgender and transvestite women have not completed high school and 56% elementary school, thus preventing them from learning basic English education.

” Limited proficiency in English language prevents many trans activists from engaging in a wide range of activities as well as from accessing global information related to trans issues. We believe this new initiative will be helpful in connecting the trans community through English,” remarked the director of RELO, Maria Snarski.

Bruna Benevides, ANTRA’s Political Affairs Secretary, states that “the program is innovative and relevant to the Brazilian reality, besides being a pioneering initiative, as it offers the opportunity for trans activists to expand their activism while connecting with various countries, allowing the community to share best practices and learn new ways to combat similar issues. We celebrate this partnership with the US Embassy and the attention that the US government has been giving to the LGBTQIA+ community, thus contributing to the visibility of our cause.”

About the Regional English Language Office of the U.S. Embassy and Consulates, visit: https://br.usembassy.gov/education-culture/english-language-programs/

About ANTRA, visit: https://antrabrasil.org/