United States Extends Validity of Media Visas (I) and Reduces Reciprocity Fee

Visa validity is extended to four years and fee is reduced to US$20.00

The U.S. Department of State has extended the validity and reduced the reciprocity fee for non-immigrant I-category visas for Brazilian journalists and media professionals to make them commensurate with the validity and cost of visas issued by the Government of Brazil to U.S. media professionals. The U.S. Department of State changed the validity from one year (12 months) to four years (48 months) and reduced the reciprocity fee from US$100.00 to US$20.00.  The change went into effect on Wednesday, December 17, 2014.

The changes to the “I” visa, which were negotiated during one of the many U.S.-Brazilian bilateral meetings on immigration issues, demonstrate the tremendous value the Governments of the United States and Brazil place on freedom of the press.  The changes also highlight our strong commitment to increasing the facility and accessibility of travel between the two countries.  The extension of the validity of “I” visas and reduction of the reciprocity fee will help media outlets from both countries to reduce their administrative and financial costs for official travel.  The validity and fees for other types of visas remain the same.  The Visa Application Fee (MRV) for “I” visas remains unchanged at US$160.00.