United States opens notice for the financing of projects for the preservation of Brazilian cultural heritage

Interested parties can submit proposals until December 26.

Brasília, December 5, 2023: The U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Brazil open a notice for the Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation (AFCP) – an initiative that provides financial support for the preservation of Brazilian cultural and historical heritage. In recent years, $950,000 has been invested in projects in the country, demonstrating the respect and appreciation of the United States for the culture and history of Brazil. Proposals must be submitted by December 26.

Access the notice at: https://br.usembassy.gov/embassy-consulates/grants-corner-2/us-ambassadors-fund-for-cultural-preservation-grants-program/

Each year, U.S. ambassadors in eligible countries can submit proposals for projects aimed at preserving the heritage of museums, cultural centers, NGOs, or other organizations, as well as projects to preserve a wide variety of cultural heritage, including: historical buildings and archaeological sites; cultural objects such as archaeological and ethnographic items, paintings, and manuscripts; and indigenous languages and other traditional forms of expression. These projects create economic opportunities, promote mutual understanding, and demonstrate the friendship of the United States with other countries.

In 2024, projects focusing on one or more of the following three areas will be given preference: the preservation of culture affected by the climate crisis; Afro-descendant culture in Brazil; the culture of indigenous peoples in Brazil. Proposals may receive funding of up to $500,000. For more information about previous AFCP projects in Brazil, visit: https://br.usembassy.gov/fact-sheet-u-s-ambassadors-fund-for-cultural-preservation-afcp/