Unites States opens Technology Center in São Paulo

São Paulo, March 24, 2017 – The United States Army Research, Development, and Engineer Command (RDECOM) opened an office on Friday at the US Consulate in São Paulo to develop partnerships with Brazil in research projects focused on innovation.

The Technology  Center will intensify collaboration between the two countries through research and professional exchanges in the areas of science and engineering. Over the past five years, the US Army’s research and development arm has invested more than US$ 500,000 in projects such as conferences, scientific gatherings and research in the country.

“Brazil has an extraordinary Army, and Brazilian scientists are leaders in academic research in many areas.  Our countries’ commitment to partnering in research and development projects underscores the strength of the Brazil-United States relationship,” said Brigadier General Anthony Potts.

One of the projects already underway is the collaboration between researchers from the University of Minas Gerais and scientists from the Army Research Laboratory to develop body armor vehicles based on new nano-materials.  The aim of the Technology Center is to bring scientists and researchers from both countries closer through projects that benefit Brazil and the United States and help strengthen our relations.