US Consulate Sao Paulo Commemorates Black History Month

The U.S. Consulate of São Paulo celebrated Black History Month on February 25-26 with two special commemorative events.

IMG_20160229_102630On Thursday, February 25th the Consul General provided opening remarks for a Consulate wide event highlighting the origins of Black History Month in America and the contributions of African-Americans to society. The event took the theme further by exploring the connection between Afro-Brazilians and African-Americans. It featured guest speakers (Adriana Barbosa and Professor Lina Moreira), an Afro-Brazilian dance troupe (CIA TRIBO), Capoeira demonstration (Ilha dos Palmares) and the inauguration of the first Afro-Brazilian Food truck in Sao Paulo (Preta Trucker). During the month of February the entire Consulate community also received fun trivia on lesser known African American innovators.

On February 26th, Consulate employees also participated in a Black History themed trivia event featuring music and regional African-American cuisine.