U.S. Government Donates more than USD $110,000 to the Health System and Communities in Rio

Consul General Scott Hamilton and Colonel Leandro Sampaio Monteiro, State Civil Defense Secretary and General Commander of the Rio de Janeiro State Fire Department. Photo by: Rogério Santana/Governo do Estado do RJ

Assistance was delivered in the form of foodstuffs, hygiene kits and PPE

Rio de Janeiro, October 22, 2020 – Favela residents and health professionals in Rio de Janeiro will benefit from two donations delivered this week by the U.S. Consulate in Rio to help mitigate the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. The donations come from U.S. SOUTHCOM, responsible for military operations in Central and South America, and the Caribbean, and add to the more than R$414 million of assistance already provided by the U.S. government and private sector to Brazil.

A total of 3,700 foodstuffs and 5,700 hygiene kits were delivered today, October 21, to the Rio de Janeiro State Civil Defense Department and then distributed by the Rio de Janeiro State Military Police to the communities of Rocinha, Vidigal, Complexo do Alemão, and Chapéu-Mangueira. The Rio de Janeiro State Health Department received yesterday, October 20, more than 4,100 kits of personal protective equipment (masks, gloves, and aprons) to be distributed to state hospitals.

“We continue to work closely with Brazilians to fight Covid-19, which is our priority in Brazil today. Our assistance adds to the long-term, solid history of cooperation we have with Brazil in the health sphere and to the solidarity shared by both our countries. We believe that joining forces is vital for us to beat this pandemic faster,” said U.S. Consul General in Rio de Janeiro, Scott Hamilton.

A ceremony this morning formalized the donation, attended by the Consul General and Colonel Leandro Sampaio Monteiro, State Civil Defense Secretary and General Commander of the Rio de Janeiro State Fire Department.

Mr. Monteiro said, “The donation by the U.S. Consulate gives humanitarian support to many families that struggle with economic difficulties brought by the Covid-19 pandemic and helps supply state health units. It is a very welcome partnership.”

Delivery of PPE, hygiene kits and food baskets by the US Government – Centro and Rocinha. Photo by: Rogério Santana/Governo do Estado do RJ.

U.S. support to combat Covid-19 in Brazil

Brazil and the United States share a long-term history of collaboration in topics related to health. The U.S. government, along with American companies, have been in close cooperation with Brazil to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Around US$75 million have been made available through a series of initiatives, such as: donation of medical equipment, foodstuffs, and hygiene products to underprivileged communities, including in the Amazon and Venezuelan refugees; personal protective equipment to health professionals; in addition to projects to support entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence and combat disinformation. Furthermore, the U.S. government donated 1,000 ventilators to Brazil’s Health Ministry.