Applicant Service Centers (ASC) and Call Center

An ASC is a facility contracted by the U.S. government to collect biometric data (photo and fingerprints) from visa applicants prior to submission to the consular section.  The contractor who operates the ASC also runs the Call Centers that provide other visa-related services, including making visa appointments, answering questions about the application process, collecting other applicant information, and assisting applicants with passport delivery.

Note: As of September 10, operations of the ASC from Alto de pinheiros will be transferred to the ASC of Vila Mariana, at Av. José Maria Whitaker, 370, São Paulo.

Call Center:

Applicants can contact the Call Center for information about ASC locations and hours, scheduling ASC and Consulate appointments, questions about payment of the MRV fee and any technical issues with the appointment website.

The Call Center phone numbers are:

:                  (81) 4042-0050
:                (61) 3550-0774
Rio de Janeiro:     (21) 4042-0584
Rio de Janeiro
:     (21) 3956-0580
:            (19) 3500-2486
:              (71) 3500-1637
:                (41) 3908-8125
:                 (13) 3500-6208
Porto Alegre
:        (51) 3500-1460
São Paulo:            (11) 3230-2170
São Paulo
:            (11) 3958-7007

CASVs – Centro de Atendimento ao Solicitante de Visto and CED – Centro de Entrega de Documentos addresses:
Brasília Venâncio 2000 SCS, Quadra 8, Bloco B, Room 340, South Commercial Sector
Brasilia, DF 70333-900
Recife Comercial Bandeira – Av. Herculano Bandeira, 949- Pina
Recife- PE 51110-130
Rio de Janeiro Lagoa Corporate – R. Humaitá, 275, Loja A – Humaitá
Rio de Janeiro- RJ 22261-001
São Paulo Av. José Maria Whitaker, 370- Vila Mariana
São Paulo- SP 04057-000
Porto Alegre Av. Assis Brasil, 1712 – Passo D’Areia
Porto Alegre- RS


Please note that in Brasília, Recife and Rio de Janeiro it’s possible to schedule appointments for ASCs and Embassy/Consulate in the same day.