Know before the interview- Required procedure and tips

Note: All immigrant visa interviews are conducted at the U.S. Consulate in Rio de Janeiro regardless of where the applicant lives in Brazil.

IMPORTANT! Required procedure before the interview:

  1. After you have your visa interview date, register with our Applicant Service Center (ASC) at:;
  2. Upon completing the registration, choose your preferred option for receiving the visa (pick-up at the ASC or by mail);
  3. Schedule a visit to the ASC for biometrics (photo and fingerprints) prior to your immigrant visa interview;
  4. Print your appointment confirmation page and bring it to your ASC appointment.

This service is provided by all ASC branches throughout Brazil.

You should schedule the interview at the ASC website not only for you but also for your dependents who are immigrating at the same time.

For issues pertaining to appointment scheduling, rescheduling, etc., please contact the ASC.


  • Please read the important information regarding Rights and Protections for Foreign-Citizen Fiancé(e)s and Spouses of U.S. Citizens and Spouses of Lawful Permanent Residents.
  • See a list of all required documents you need to bring to your visa interview on the next page.
  • For security reasons, visa applicants and U.S. citizens are not allowed to enter the Embassy or Consulates with cell phones and other electronic devices (including, but not limited to, smartwatches, activity monitoring devices, such as fitbits, tablets, laptops, and other recording devices). Liquids/drinks are also not allowed (except for applicants with children that require a bottle). Bags, with the exception of one small purse or equivalent, are also not allowed. All visitors and items brought into the Embassy or Consulates are subject to a complete search. Neither the Embassy nor the Consulates have storage facilities for such items. We strongly discourage our customers from bringing these devices when they come to the Embassy or Consulates to conduct business. If you must bring these devices with you, there are private companies that provide storage facilities for a fee. These companies are not sanctioned by or otherwise affiliated with the U.S. government, and the U.S. government takes no responsibility for devices left in their care.
  • Until further notice, on days when it is raining, applicants will be able to bring a small, compact, collapsible umbrella with no sharp points into the Consular waiting rooms at the Consulate in Rio de Janeiro.  Large umbrellas will not be permitted.
  • The Immigrant Visa Unit is located on the Mezzanine, which is only accessible via a staircase. There is no elevator in the public areas of the Consular Section. If you require special assistance, please send an e-mail to before you come to the consulate.
  • At the time of applicant’s interview and his/her subsequent entry into the United States, petitioners are required to be domiciled in the U.S. or must be able to establish to the consular officer’s satisfaction the intent to return to the U.S. at the time the beneficiary relative immigrates with his/her immigrant visa.
  • All applicants (including minors) must be physically present on the day of the interview.
  • Applicants under 14 years of age or those physically incapable of providing a signature should appear for the immigrant visa interview accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.  If the applicant has no parent or guardian,  a person with legal custody or a legitimate interest in the applicant should accompany them. Travel authorization will not be accepted.
  • All applicants who are not fluent in Portuguese or English should come to the interview accompanied by an official interpreter.  Applicants needing to use an interpreter will be asked to present the official interpreter’s credentials.  If the applicant fails to bring an official interpreter, the interview will have to be rescheduled.
  • Applicants must bring all original documents to the interview, even when those documents were already sent to USCIS with the petition. There are no exceptions.
  • Check your name, date and place of birth to guarantee that they are correct in all documents (passport, birth and marriage certificates, police certificates, etc.) and on the forms.
  • We can only accept legible documents in good condition. If not, the applicant will need to procure a recently issued second copy of the document.
  • If your documents were prepared by a lawyer, please double check that all requirements are met according to the instructions. Likewise, double check the information in the entire immigrant visa forms.
  • The medical examination must be performed in Brazil by one of the panel physicians that have a partnership with the U.S. Consulate in Rio de Janeiro. Medical examinations performed in the United States are not acceptable. The list of certified doctors is available in this website. Please do not schedule your medical examination until you have your visa interview date.
  • Translations: If your documents are in Portuguese or English, there is NO need to translate them. If the documents are in another language, these must be accompanied by English translations. The translated document must contain a signed and notarized statement from the translator attesting that the translation is correct and performed by a competent translator.
  • We cannot guarantee approval of a visa in advance of your interview. Do not make any final travel arrangements, sell properties or quit jobs before the visa is issued.

Failure to Appear to the Interview

Section 203(e) of the Immigration and Nationality Act requires that an intending immigrant pursue his/her visa application within one year from the date he/she is informed that it is possible to do so.  Receiving notification from the NVC/Consulate that a visa interview appointment has been set is notice to the applicant that it is possible to pursue an application for a visa. If the applicant fails to do so within one year from the date of the interview, the application and any visa petition approved for the applicant will be cancelled.