Medical Examination Instructions

Medical Examination Instructions

Each immigrant visa applicant, regardless of age, requires a medical examination before a visa can be issued.

Only a physician accredited by the U.S. Consulate may perform this exam. You MUST schedule and attend a medical exam with one of the doctors listed below before your  visa interview  at the U.S. Consulate. Medical exam results from other physicians will not be accepted.

Important: If you do not complete the medical exam before your interview date, the Consulate will not interview you.

For additional information about the medical exam, please refer to this website

You must pay all medical exam fees, including x-ray and blood test fees, directly to the examining physician and/or laboratory. Any required vaccinations or follow-up tests will be an additional charge.

You can find our medical exam FAQ’s here.

Note: Medical Examination Confidentiality Statement

Approved Physicians:


Dra. Juliana Barbosa Cançado
Rua dos Otoni, 927 Conj 602 – Sta Efigênia
Phone: (31) 3292-3938 / (31) 3224-2335 / (31) 3274-6768


Dr. Carlos Eduardo Santa Ritta Barreira
SGAS 613/614 Conjunto E Bloco A Sala 206 , Asa Sul
Brasilia – DF – CEP 70200-730
Phone: 61 3245-3475 or 61 98602-3287


Dr. Aurélio Garrido
Centro Empresarial Barra Shopping
Av. das Americas 4.200, bloco 8 (Geneve), Sala 107A – Barra da Tijuca
CEP 22640-907 – Rio de Janeiro
Phone: (21) 2274-8641

Dr. Ronaldo Galdino Badia Campos
Clínica Galdino Campos
Av. Nossa Senhora de Copacabana 492, 1° Andar – Copacabana
CEP 22020-001 – Rio de Janeiro
Phone: (21) 2548-9966 or (21) 96731-7534


Dr. Paulo Ricardo Furbetta
Centro Médico Pinheiros
Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima 1685 Conj 2E – Jardim Paulistano
Phone: (11) 3032-3858