Instructions for IH-3 and IH-4 Visa Interview

List of Documents for the Adoption Immigrant Visa Interview

This office is ready to begin final processing of the immigrant visa application for your adopted child. We have scheduled an appointment for a visa interview in the Immigrant Visa section on the date printed on the attached letter. This letter must be presented upon your arrival at this office on the appointment date.

Please bring the following items on the date of your visa interview (If you fail to provide the necessary documents on the day of your interview, visa processing will be delayed):

  • Child’s physical presence;
  • Physical presence of parents if practicable (If a third party other than the parents appears, they must present notarized authorization from the parents to sign the DS-260 and appear on the parents’ behalf.  The third party must also present a notarized copy of the biographic page of the parents’ passports.);
  • Child’s birth certificate issued after the adoption showing the child’s new name and adoptive parent(s) name(s) (Please bring the original and one copy);
  • Child’s Brazilian passport issued in the new name;
  • Final adoption decree (Please bring the original and two copies.  Without full adoption, you will not be allowed to depart Brazil with the child.);
  • Medical Examination results as performed by one of our panel physicians (Check the list of panel physicians); and
  • Original Article 23 letter issued by the CEJA.

Along with the list above, please find marked with an “X” any items missing from the initial review that need to be brought on the day of the interview.

  • The barcode page of the online DS-260 Immigrant Visa Application. You should fill out the form completely and carefully at CEAC and print out only the barcode page.Before starting filling out the DS-260, enter the Invoice ID Number provided to you by the NVC. The information is located in the NVC instructions you received. If, for any reason you don’t have your Invoice ID Number, you should contact NVC (National Visa Center) through the public inquiry form.
  • Three (3) frontal pictures of the child, 5 X 7 cm;
  • Immigrant visa application and issuance fee. Please check the fee list for the appropriate value that must be paid at the Consulate’s cashier.

Attention: We cannot guarantee visa issuance until the interview has been completed.  We encourage you NOT to make any final travel arrangements before the visa is issued.

The Consulate will do its best to process the visa as soon as possible but please be prepared to spend the entire morning at the Consulate until your interview process is completed.  The visa is generally issued the next business day following the day of the interview.  However, if any problem is detected, it is possible that visa processing may be delayed.  Once the visa is approved, you may choose to pick up the visa package at the Consulate or have it sent via courier service.