Case Status

Most applicants will receive their visas within ten business days. However, some applications may require additional processing time.  To check the status of your application, please go to this website.  We recommend that you do not finalize travel plans until you have received your visa.

For information about passport delivery, please click here.  Details should be available five days after the interview at the Consulate/Embassy.

Passports will be returned to applicants according to what they selected in the appointment system when they filled out their application for a visa.  Applicants who selected to pick up passports at the CASV will receive an e-mail with instructions once the passports are ready and may send a third party to pick it up on his or her behalf.  In this case, the third party must have identification, an authorization letter signed by the applicant, and a photo copy of one of the applicant’s identification documents in order to pick up the passport.  Please visit for more information on passport pick-ups by a third party.