Webchat: Case Study: the Library in the Cemetery


Youth participating in the Escritureiros project
Youth participating in the Escritureiros project

World Web Action: youth that changed their communities, case study: the library in the cemetery


Date Tuesday, August 12, 2014  
Time 15:00 (BRT) | 14:00 (EDT)      
Duration 1h 0m / https://conx.state.gov/live-event/brazil/
Themes Youth Activism, Social Inclusion, Culture, Education



How can you empower youth to positively change their communities? Join us on International Youth Day for a discussion about how youth-driven projects can be fostered and how they impact the community. Isabel do Santos Mayer will share her experiences on how to inspire youth engagement and leadership for the development of creative and sustainable programs; and youth founders of the Escritureiros group will tell us about their motivation to open and manage a community library inside a cemetery located in an underserved neighborhood in the city of São Paulo, and how their outreach activities, including the re-opening of a school library there, improved local students’ performance. Engage in the conversation and share your ideas!

This program will be in Portuguese.



– Isabel dos Santos Mayer, Specialist in Social Pedagogy and Coordinator of the Brazilian Institute for Community Studies and Support

– Youth participating in the Escritureiros project, who manage the library in the cemetery